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What Are The Keys to a
Successful Wellness Program?

While incentives and recognition can be beneficial, success is most often achieved when education and tools are provided to equip the employees to actually make change.

Our experience is that many people WANT to make good lifestyle choices, they just aren't sure WHAT to change or WHY.

Key Components:

Identification of risk factors, through biometric screening and private employee/coach consultation

Training sessions in various formats (live/virtual/recorded) to teach WHAT changes to implement and WHY

Online support and interaction between training sessions, such as private Facebook groups and online videos.

Opportunities in the workplace to promote an active lifestyle, such as defined walking paths within the office area


Call Cathy at  (512) 736-4664 to discuss how we can provide the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program, a workplace wellness program that works, and even biometric screening for your team.

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